How Improving Your Click Per Second Rate will Benefit You In Gaming?

benefits of faster click per second rate

Gamers are probably the only ones who are almost always at the top of their game. Game developers and streamers are prospering thanks to the regular release of new games, and the large audience that is willing to check out and play the games.

To stay on top of our games, we must make improvements every day. Today we're going to talk about CPS (click per second), which is very important for gaming, particularly FPS games.

With a click per second rate, you can determine how many clicks you can make in a second and how fast you can move your finger for a given activity. Multiplayer games do not require fast clicking or snapping your cursor to an opponent, as it is unique to FPS games. You can calculate your CPS rate from this clickspeedtester tool.  

The top CPS rate is 16 which means someone has been clicking 16 times per second which is impressive to all of us standard users. In their opinion, this result can be achieved with a lot of practice and following a strategy. Check out this site if you'd like to learn more about CPS and your CPS rate.

Let's now check out the benefits of improving your CPS rate!

Your Gaming Skills Will Be Enhanced

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The CPS rate of some games is higher than others, so they benefit the most from it. You can increase your CPS rate in games such as Minecraft, Dota 2, and many others. Being able to click fast is probably the only difference between winning or losing in FPS multiplayer games or any other PvP games. 

The game that should be a poster for fast clicking is probably Minecraft. Clicking too slowly will result in death. However, your CPS of 7 when you're fighting an opponent with around 12 means that nine out of ten times, you'll lose the fight. Fast clicking and rapid mouse movement are the things that get you on top of the best of the best list for FPS shooter games. 

Even though the shooters don't benefit as much from a higher CPS rate, they do benefit from mouse movement and the ability to flick to targets and fire immediately. CPS rate in FPS games will be useful if you are using a pistol or another single fire weapon. If the CPS rate is high enough, that weapon will behave like an automatic weapon.

Practice (Only Way to Increase CPS)

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Practice does not lead to a higher CPS rate, but you can easily get there with practice. Claw grip and Butterfly click are two of the most commonly used techniques for improving the CPS. Both of these techniques require a lot of practice, but if performed properly, you can boost your CPS immediately.

To use claw grips, you must tense up a specific muscle group and then allow your finger to vibrate above the desired mouse click. You will increase your CPS rate immediately by 10%, and with continuous practice, you can even reach 12CPS.

Another technique is the Butterfly click, which is quite simple but takes some practice. The next step is to place two fingers over desired mouse clicks and alternate between clicking them. You can increase your CPS by clicking fast enough with one and another. 

What do you mean by "may increase"? You can indeed improve your CPS rate if you practice and if your mouse can make double clicks because this technique relies on that ability.

The hardware

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I would like to expand upon what I mentioned earlier regarding the right equipment. On a piece of regular gaming equipment, the CPS rate can be increased but only in a certain amount. To achieve competitive results, you must start using pro equipment, such as a mouse with a faster response time, a mouse that can withstand more clicks as well as one that has a double-click functionality. 

It is not built or designed for use in competitive games, but a regular mouse may do the trick up to a point. Using gaming-oriented hardware and implementing any of the above techniques will allow you to significantly improve your CPS rate.


gaming practice

If you are a casual gamer or you stream for a living, you need to improve yourself in any way you can. Gamer's casually don't care much about these things, but if you want to feel like you are the best among your peers, then improve your skills. 

To compete or remain competitive with their peers, pro gamers and streamers need to improve constantly. Generally speaking, there are always new ones, younger ones, and always more capable ones who challenge you daily, so you should always be improving at all times. 

Getting the first shot out means working on your response, your vision, your ability to smoothly transition from point A to point B and click as quickly as possible. By training and continuously upgrading, you will also gain personal satisfaction, which will come as a monetary gain or a community benefit, whichever you find more important to you.

Growth Tracking

The click speed test is typically taken by gamers to improve their gaming abilities, but many have turned it into a game in its own right. The goal of most clicks in a given period might sound atypical, but it happens.

Players can determine how many mouse clicks they can make in a given time frame by checking how fast they can click. In this case, five seconds is used as the time frame for which the score is calculated, in CPS (clicks per second). A higher CPS equals a higher score.

Last Words 

In the end, we can only suggest that you keep practicing. Then practice some more until you're unable to do it anymore. This is the way to be competitive, to hold on to the status you have now, or to increase it. 

The next step in reevaluating and improving your practice is to reevaluate your equipment once it has reached its peak and you are no longer getting positive results. There are many things that you can control as a player, and everything else is up to what you use as a tool. It is important to improve everywhere and to never forget that there is always room to improve.